Saturday, December 11, 2010

installing DSPack on Delphi 2010

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Perhaps if I were not doing this visual servoin’ project I ‘d have never found out how to install this Package. Hence I don’t know the problem in installation. Now I found out that its not that easy just to install a package in a certain programming software.

This DSPack Package is useful for image processing using Delphi. I’m using this package to make many algorithms dealing with image processing in Delphi. Actually I haven’t tried to make any of ‘em. But at least I have installed this package, :D
Ok here’s the steps:
1. We have to unzip the DSPack which usually comes in RAR or ZIP format when we download it.
2. Copy the whole files and folders and paste them in the path where you install DELPHI 2010.
3. The files we will install here are in folder ”packagesD2010”. What we gotta do now is to add the path of “DSPack/src/DirectX9” and “DSPack/src/DSPack” folders in to the directory of library path. Just open ‘tools’ of Delphi 2010 then ‘options’. Now add the path just like following picture:
path 1
4. Now after you add those paths we can install the package. Double click on file “DirectX9” in your “packagesD2010” folder, remember what click is the delphi package file not the project file. This package will automatically appear on Delphi 2010. Right click on the “DirectX9_140.bpl” file then compile.
direct x
5. Double click on “DSPackR” file and do the same thing as that of “DirectX9” file.
6. Double click on “DSPackDesign” file, compile it like that of num. 5 and 4. After the whole file compilations now right click on “DSPackDesign140.bpl” and choose ‘install’, then right click again and choose ‘build’.
7. Now you can check the DSPack package on Tool Palette.


Anonymous said...

I have problem to get a dspack for for delphi2010 version.
so could you help me, i need the link or URL where i can download it.
please helpme..
please send it to my email :

Thanks before.

nadzor said...

got it from

which actually i have sent to ur email. thank for d visit

Anonymous said...

ada erornya mas , kalo dijalankan kok filenotfound.dcu. akhirnya tak cari tutorialnya yang lain, eror cannot compile utils.

Cantik said...

please send to me DSpack to delphi 10
this is my email